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The Great Throwzini
Newsletter: Issue #58

by Scott Gracia


1. What's New
2. My Half Spin Technique - Where It All Began
Part 1 of 4 - by Roy Hutchison
3. Recreational Knife Throwing Video by John Bailey
4. Dragon Knives Review - by Joel Huncar
5. Advertising Opportunities
6. Contact Info/Reprint Guidelines
7. Subscribe/Unsubscribe


Hello fellow flingers of pointy things! We've got plenty of new stuff to tell you about so I won't waste any time! Well maybe just a little bit... :)

We got our house sided a couple weeks ago and by the second day I heard things bouncing off of my new target wall. I looked outside and the siding crew was on break. They were taking turns throwing their roofing hammers at the softer logs on my range :)

Within about 10 minutes they were going for double spins from about 14 feet (with some luck), and about 10 minutes after that their hammer was broke. But according to them it was fun while it lasted.

The last day they were here I brought out a bunch of knives, spikes, and hawks and let them throw them all. They had a great time, (of course :) and said they would be back to throw again later in the Summer.

And I look forward to it!

So anyway, on to the new stuff! We've got new pics under our CUSTOM DESIGNS link from Lew Costley of Battle Creek, MI. The pics are of his Custom Bowies. They sure are "purty"! :) Just follow this link to take a look:

Click Here

Lew was also kind enough to send in a couple pics of himself, his target and his tomahawks! Just follow this link to check those out:

And then click on the link called LEW COSTLEY'S TOMAHAWKS.

Click Here

There is also another design for an outdoor target that was sent in by Chuck Fogarty of Countryside, IL. Chuck has quite a few nice designs for outdoor targets shown. If you need any ideas for a target be sure to check these out:

Click Here

We also have another addition to the THROWING ARTICLES page about buying good equipment. Just follow this link:

And click on the first article called "An Investment In Equipment".

Click Here

I am going to be adding another section for SPEARS! I was never really interested in them until a great friend of mine (Joe Darrah) made me a beautiful one that is so much fun to throw!

I'll be adding pics of my spear soon so if anyone has other pics or stories about throwing spears, or information on making your own spears etc... please feel free to send them in and I'll include them in the new category!


This will be the 2nd year for the "Chucker" event! And it sounds like there's going to be even more fun and "chucking" of steel than last years event!

The event is this coming Saturday, July 27th in San Diego, CA. For more info or details about the rules, events, targets or prizes/raffles, just click on this link to check out the updated info:

Click Here

If you are looking for local people to learn from or just hang out with and throw sharp pieces of metal, then this is the place for you. Ya never know, there could be another thrower that lives right in your neighborhood!

Currently there are 102 throwers listed in 33 states, and 15 different countries! And more people are signing up every week. Soon you'll be able to throw with someone no matter where you go!

Going on vacation? Check the page first to see if there are any people listed near your destination. Its easy to bring your knives just about anywhere you go, and you won't have to haul your targets from home. So c'mon and send in your info!

Follow this link for more details or to see if there are any throwers that live near you:

Click Here

Hope everyone has a safe and fun few weeks!

Until next time...

Scott Gracia

When you visit the site you'll also notice a new QUICK IDEA and lots of interesting posts in our THROWZINI FORUM!

The forum is also a great place to ask questions about ANYTHING that has to do with the sport of throwing. You can learn tons of useful knife and axe throwing tips, or learn about upcoming events or how to make a target, just by visiting our homepage and clicking on the THROWZINI FORUM link.

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Thanks again to everyone that submitted their info/pics!!!



by Roy Hutchison

Part 1 of 4

I have been throwing knives and pointed things since my boyhood days when I was in the local Scouts Group. I think I was about 13 years old at the time and one of the pieces of equipment that you were supposed to have was some sort of knife.

Penknife, Sheath Knife, it didn't matter. But it was handy especially when the group was at camp.

I remember this time well, the war had only finished a few years before and money was in short supply, so it was certain that my parents would not be able to buy me a decent knife.

I can't remember how I acquired my sheath knife? I must have swapped with another boy or something like that. I remember it was a small knife about 6" long with a leather rings handle and a small hilt of brass. The blade was about 3-4 inches long, in a small bowie shape and it had a small leather sheath that would fit to the scout belt.

This knife was my pride and joy! My prize possession! To own such a thing in those times was a real joy. So this knife was my most treasured thing. I would polish the blade and the small brass hilt, boot polish the handle (when my Dad wasn't looking cause it was his polish) and the knife was never very far from me.

I would take it to school, in my pocket, so as to look at it now and again, but to keep it away from the teachers eyes or it would have been confiscated.

I remember one school sports day while watching the school cricket team play, a bunch of boys were all congregating at the edge of the pitch, playing at something. So I went and joined them.

They were throwing their penknives at pieces of paper that were laying on the grass to see if they could stick them. Mostly the knives were just bouncing around, but I was interested and soon I was trying as well. I remember I couldn't stick it into the ground because the handle was awkward to hold so I tried throwing from the blade and I got some sticks at about 3 feet.

The other boys got fed up and wandered off but I carried on fascinated! This was to be my first encounter with knife throwing.

After that I was to practice at every opportunity. I couldn't get enough of it, at home, in the garden, in school at the floorboards (careful not to get caught). Anything that looked like a target was in trouble but only at about 4-5 feet away.

At this time there were lots of bombed sites in every street. Houses and buildings were leveled by bombing raids, some still half standing. It was very dangerous but it didn't stop us kids from wandering, and climbing around these ruins.

At that time, my best friend Peter Jones and myself would wander on these sites, as did many other kids and they became regular haunts.

On these sites there was an abundance of things to throw at! Doors and beams still standing, joists and all manner of wooden things, so I was in my element. Anything and everything that might present a stick was thrown at. My friend Peter was not into throwing so he would wander around the site looking for bits and pieces, while I threw merrily away.

I remember I acquired lots of pointed things around these sites, like long nails, old kitchen knives, bits of metal that I could make a point on by rubbing it on the kerbstones, etc. And I would put tape around one end to make it look like a handle. (I used to like the thrower to look like a knife as much as possible.)

A couple of years had passed and I was still throwing at every possible chance. And I could now get sticks up to about 6-7 feet most of the time. But I did not think of what I was doing, I just did it.

Sadly, my beloved sheath knife eventually fell to pieces. But it had a good run. I had looked after it well for a couple of years, but I really shouldn't have thrown it about.

There was an occasion when I did something really stupid. My friend Peter remembers it to this very day. We were out in the local park one day, climbing the trees and generally annoying the park keepers (climbing was not allowed). And I, as usual, was throwing my knives about at the trees.

Peter was in a tree about 8 feet off the ground and I said to Peter, "I'm going to stick my knife up the tree a bit, throw it back down for me."

He said "Don't hit me" or words to that effect. I threw the knife and I was about 2 feet too high. The knife thudded into his right leg! I can remember being worried about the trouble I was going to be in rather than the pain my friend was in.

There was blood everywhere. We tied our handkerchiefs around his leg and struggled home. He told his Mum that he had fallen on something sharp (A true friend :) And I believe he had stitches in the gash. He bears the scar to this very day. I never tried that trick again!

Part 2 of 4 Continued in our next issue.

Article Contributed by:

Roy Hutchison
London, England

Stay Tuned! In one of the upcoming parts to this story, Roy explains his half spin technique that he uses for all distances, from 1 to 20+ feet!



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by Joel Huncar

Scott Gracia, or the Great Throwzini, as he is sometimes called, asked me to take a look at the 13.5" Dragon Knives quite some time ago. It has been some time since those huge chunks of steel arrived here, but finally I am done with my review. I had a great time torturing these knives and would love to torture some more! "heh heh heh" (My evil laugh ;)

Well to start off, I would like to let you know what my initial reaction to the Dragon knives was; "Wow, these are big heavy chunks of steel!", pretty much sums up my first thought at picking up these knives.

As a novice knife thrower I was surprised to find that the edge was dull, but after throwing these beauties a bit I realized that as blade throwers a dull edge is a good thing, I still have all my fingers. You see for a throwing knife it is the point that does the work, not the edge, and these babies bite deep into the target!

I realize most of you reading this would probably go out and throw a new pair of throwing knives just as soon as you got them. But you see, I am an Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting) Instructor and some what of a Barbarian so the first thing I did with the Dragon Knives was go to my heavy bag and see what kind of a striking weapon they made.

I know this is not what they are designed for, but you know what, as an impromptu "sap" or "black jack" they are not bad. I am pretty sure they have enough weight to break bone and cause some serious damage. (I told you I am a Barbarian).

Well that was enough bag training. It was time to throw these puppies. Now I think I mentioned the Barbarian thing, and while I know there are certain things you need to throw a knife properly we Barbarians do things our own way.

A soft wood target on a solid base, and some space being two very important things. So down to my cramped apartment work shop I went and I set up a crappy plywood target. This was not the best target, but within twenty minutes I was hitting point on with pretty much every throw.

But since the plywood was loose, very hard and on an angle the knives were flying everywhere. Boing! Krang!! Sproing!! (Good comic book sound effects eh? :)

The knives bounced off the pavement, then the bikes stored in the workshop and came back to me a few times. (Good evasion training, but please don't do this kind of thing, you can get seriously injured. Being someone who's idea of fun is counting "stick hickies" after a hard bout of sparring I may be living proof of the old saying, "No Brain, No Pain")

Now I know why you knife throwers use proper targets and throw outside, my way just lets me get more interactive with my knives. While the cement may have done some cosmetic damage (like chipped paint), the knives were unharmed. You could probably put these knives through a chipper and kiss the chipper goodbye but the knife would be OK. Like I said they are one heavy piece of metal.

After adding a nice softwood board to my target I started throwing again. I was sinking them every time. I was beginning to get the feel for throwing. And I was having a great time too.

My limited space only allowed me to do half turn throws, but I am now good at those. The board I was using is now split into kindling. I have to say I love these knives. For a martial throwing knife I still prefer the Accuflight Easy Stik Pro, but for the fun and challenge the Dragon Knives are pretty hard to beat, and that is what they are designed for, not as a self-defense weapon.

As a martial throwing weapon, they aren't half bad though. Although it would be fairly hard to make these stick in the confusion of combat, that would not matter too much as the sheer weight of the knife would cause major damage. Broken ribs, smashed teeth and other grievous harm would come just from being hit by the blunt side of one of these knives. If you hit point on I am pretty sure most attackers would be finished. But as I said before that is not what these knives are designed for.

As a past time and sport these knives are great! There is nothing like the feel of sinking big steel. I can't describe it, you just have to go out and try it for yourself. It's great!

Article Contributed By:

Joel Huncar
Arnis Instructor

For more details or to see pictures of the Dragon Knives that Joel is talking about, just follow this link:

Click Here


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