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2003 International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
by Scott Gracia

Following are some pictures from the first ever IKTHOF banquet and induction ceremony! Enjoy!!! (A listing of inductees and what category they were inducted into are posted at the bottom of the page.) I'd like to give a big thanks to Rick Lemberg, Todd Abrams, Joe Darrah and Mike Bainton for sharing these pictures. Thanks again guys!!!

And now on to the event...
The night started off with a catered dinner that was just delicious!

Here are a few throwers hanging out and talking before everything got started. There were about 9 tables set up and seated at each table were promoters, impalement artists, mountain men, and pioneers of our sport, all sharing one thing in common... they all love to throw!

After dinner there were demonstrations put on by Team Bakido and it was so fun to watch. (There were weapons and bodies flying everywhere! :-) Here is a staff demonstration put on by Chris Fey and Christopher Villalpando of Team Bakido.

Here is another demonstration, but this time they're using nunchakus. (From left to right: Chris Villalpando, Mike Mohr, Mike Snowden and Kyle Cowan. (Notice all of the people in the mirror, we're in there some place!)

This event was a real eye opener. We got to learn a bit about each person being inducted and it couldn't have gone off any better. Rick Lemberg (President of the PKT) was the emcee and did a fine job introducing the inductees by giving a brief history about each person and what sort of impact they've had on the sport.

Its tough to explain just how remarkable these events are. Its so much fun spending time with people who enjoy the same thing that you enjoy. Normally when I'm in a room full of people and I mention "knife throwing", nobody really pays attention. But at an event like this, all you have to do is whisper the word "knife" or "throwing" and EVERYONE wants to get in on the conversation! "Itsa" beautiful thing! :-)

Here are some photos that were taken while the awards
were being handed out:

Shown above are The Reverend Dr. David Adamovich (aka The Great ThrowDini) and John Bailey (President of the World Knife Throwers Guild).

Here is Larry Czekaj from Maryland. Larry has been to more tournaments throughout the country than most anyone!

Joe Darrah (aka Brokenfeather) from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Joe got his first set of knives back in 1962 and he's been throwing and promoting ever since!

Mike (Iron Post) Kolisch from Creede, Colorado. Mike is known nationwide in the mountain man throwing circles as an expert knife thrower, maker, instructor and promoter!

Dan Dennehy from Del Norte, Colorado. Dan started making knives in 1940 and is one of the original members of the American Knife Makers Guild. Dans been throwing since the age of 7... 72 years and counting!

Its me (Scott Gracia) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Gil Hibben needs no introduction to anyone familiar with custom made knives. Well recognized the world over for his fantasy and functional knife designs, Mr. Hibben has been designing knives since 1957. He has made custom knives for John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segal and Vice President Dan Quayle and has designed knives for over 34 different television shows and movies!

Here is Bob Karp, (aka Master of the Blade) President of the International Knife Throwing Alliance. Bobs first throwers were actually bayonets that his Father gave to him. The bayonets were all different lengths, weights and shapes which accounts for his ability to accurately throw anything with a blade!

Chuck (Walking Eagle) Weems, has been throwing since around 1996, working primarily in the Mountain Man style and participating in primitive rendezvous. In the last 5 years he has also begun promoting, teaching and demonstrating the art of knife throwing.

Jim Tanner has only been throwing for a short time but has already taken home a few first place finishes. He took first place in the Central USA Knife Throwing Tournament in 2002, and also won the PKT event is Las Vegas, NV in 2003.

This is Pat (The Machine) Minter, from Shelby, Alabama. Pat began throwing as a hobby in 1991, and entered his first contest in 1996. Since that time he has exploded into the knife throwing competition scene with an amazing 19 first place wins!

This is Rick Lemberg, Founder and President of the Pacific Knife Throwers, located in the western United States.

Here is Roy (Moses) Neal. His expertise centers around the Mountain Man era and rendezvous' of this time period.

Without the dedication of the following people, this event would not have made it off the ground, or run as smoothly as it did! To Mike Snowden, Audrey West and Mike Bainton... Thanks for everything!!!

Here is Master Snowden receiving a knife from Mike Kolisch for all of the hard work he put into making this happen!

And here is Audrey West being presented with some flowers for the weeks of hard work and dedication she put into this event!

At the finish of the ceremony, Joe Darrah went up and gave Mike Bainton a big "thank you" for putting on such a historical event! Joe also surprised Mike with a gift from he and his son Shane...

Since Mike is a huge collector of "Bowie" Knives, Joe presented him with this "Tom Enos Custom Cochise Bowie", featured in 2 issues of Blade magazine. Tom is a former employee of the Randall Knife Co. as is Harold Leffler who did the engraving on the blade.

After the dinner and inductions were over, everyone just hung around mingling, talking and posing for pictures. Here are a few of those pics from after the induction:

Here are Vlada, Mike and Leanna Bainton, along with his very shiney knife :-)

Its always great to see old friends! This is me (The Great ThrowZini), and David Adamovich (The Great ThrowDini)!

Here Joe Darrah, Gil Hibben and Mike Bainton are out at the target boards.

Throwdini was kind enough to bring a live taping of his latest Impalement Routine for everyone to see! He is a phenomenal impalement artist and his show is first rate! If you'd like to see some of it just check out his Instructional Video!

This is my buddy Dave Fettig (The Balisong Man) and Gil Hibben.

Here we have Mike Bainton, Joe Darrah, Dan Dennehy and Paul Elliott relaxing and talking after the night began to wind down.

2003 Hall of Fame Inductees
(Back row - left to right) Bob Karp, Pat Minter, Scott Gracia, David Adamovich, John Bailey, Larry Czekaj, Joe Darrah, Rick Lemberg, and Jim Tanner. (Front row - left to right) Roy Neal, Chuck Weems, Mike Kolisch, Gil Hibben and Dan Dennehy.

Congratulations to everyone involved and a special thanks to Mike Bainton, Audrey West, Mike Snowden and everyone else that helped make this great idea a reality!!!


Outstanding Achievement in the Impalement Arts
David Adamovich ("The Great Throwdini")

Instructor of the Year - John L. Bailey

Knife Throwing Pioneer Award - Sylvester & Barbara Braun

Special Recognition Award - Burl Carl (The Underhand Man)

Bronze Life Achievement Award - Lawrence H. Czekaj

Silver Life Achievement Award - Joe "Brokenfeather" Darrah

International Knife Maker of the Year - Dan Dennehy

National Knife Maker of the Year - Lee Fugatt

Knife Throwing Promoter of the Year
Scott Gracia ("The Great Throwzini")

Knife Throwing Pioneer Award - Charles Gruzanski

Outstanding Achievement in Knife Design - Gil Hibben

Golden Life Achievement Award
Bob Karp ("Master of the Blade")

International Instructor of the Year
Mike "Iron Post" Kolisch

Pinnacle Award of Success - Rick Lemberg

Knife Throwing Pioneer Award - Harry McEvoy

Outstanding Male Competitor - Pat "The Machine" Minter

State Champion of the Year - Roy "Moses" Neal

Knife Throwing Pioneer Award
Kenneth Pierce ("Che Che Whitecloud")

National Champion of the Year - Jim Tanner

National Achievement Award
Douglas Waldorf ("Chief Thundercloud")

National Instructor of the Year Award
Chuck "Walking Eagle" Weems

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