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The Chucker 2002


The day was clear with the temperatures hovering in the high seventies. Another perfect day in paradise!

Once again, it was time for the Chucker 2002 in San Diego. We had 17 competitors and friends for a total of 32 people. This was a special tournament for me because the person I named the tournament after, Chuck Fogarty, was in attendance.

Chuck Fogarty

Chuck is a genuinely kind man who travels throughout the US and throws with anyone. He imparts his genuine love of the sport and his "pearls of wisdom" to everyone he meets. Chuck is the person who "turned me on" to tournament throwing and the pleasures of meeting and throwing with other people.

Harold Baker and Andre Carminite

Last year's winner, Harold Baker, was there to defend his title. However, this year he had 16 other competitors who wanted to knock him off his throne. (Above are Harold Baker and Andre Caminite).

The accuracy event consisted of 25 knives thrown from 8 feet, 25 knives thrown from 12 feet, 25 "ninja type" weapons that I got from John Bailey, thrown from 8 feet, and 25 weapons thrown from 12 feet.

The target was the IKTA target, which is a 3 inch triangle inside an 8 inch circle. The throwers received 3 points for a bullseye, two points for the 8 inch circle and 1 point for any hit on the round.

We have small rounds in Southern California, the average being about 14 inches across. The highest possible score was 300 points.

There was also an Obstacle Course and in keeping with the theme of the event, a Spear Chucker competition. (Once again, this event was named after my buddy, Chuck.)

Here are the results:

1st place - Harold Baker - 187 - Trophy
2nd Place - Daniel Clark - 167 - Trophy
3rd Place - Terry Thissen - 145 - Trophy
4th Place - Chuck Fogarty - 136
5th Place - David Moffitt - 135
6th Place - Fred Caminite - 123
7th Place - Ron Horvitz - 121
8th Place - Bruce Carmichael - 105
9th Place - Tim Knaplund - 99
10th Place - Mark Jackson - 91
11th Place - Rich Enright - 88
12th Place - Andrew Woodfine - 81
13th Place - Hunter Moffitt - 65
14th Place - James McKinley - 60
15th Place - Andre Caminite - 35
16th and 17th - Jeff Tyler and Ben Horvitz - Incomplete

1st Place - Andrew Woodfine - 16.75 seconds - Trophy
2nd Place - Terry Thissen - 18.53 seconds
3rd Place - David Moffitt - 21.16 seconds

1st Place - Andrew Woodfine - Most accurate - Trophy
NO SECOND PLACE, you were either accurate or you were out!

The throwers were an interesting mix of people. We had everything from serious throwers to guys who were just there for the camaraderie. Everyone always asks me why I do all the stuff I do for throwers. The answer is simple...

I like the people who throw knives. Knife throwing tournaments seem to bring out the best in people.

Tim Knaplund and Jeff Tyler

Here are Dan Clark and his girlfriend Anjela

Miss Chucker 2002 - (aka Libby Geddes)

Miss Chucker 2002 presented trophies. Actually it was my daughter Libby (above), who volunteered for the duty. Libby is visiting from St. Louis, where she is working on her PhD. in Physical Anthropology from Washington University. Everyone seemed to like the trophy girl! Just because she's beautiful and intelligent, what's the big deal? :-)

The winner of the accuracy event, Harold Baker, is a craftsman, a golfer, a fixer of anything that's broken, a black powder guy, and an occasional knife thrower. Like they say in baseball, he's a "natural." He steps up to the line, throws five knives in the blink of an eye and steps away from the line. He's a quiet man who let's his actions speak for him.

After the accuracy event we had hamburgers and hot dogs that were prepared by my buddies, Fred Caminite and Bob Giles. In addition, Jane Fogarty, Chuck's wife, made sure everyone got his or her food in a timely manner.

Jane Fogarty and Carl Geddes

You can tell she had six kids, she moved people through the food line with gentle authority. Jane is so sweet. I think a small amount of her kindness has rubbed off on Chuck. Boy, these people are nice!

We had the trophy presentation with Miss Chucker and the raffle after the barbecue. Once everyone was revitalized with good food we moved on to the Obstacle Course. You had to "qualify" to enter the course but once you qualified it became a timed event.

The obstacle course was set up like a mountain man event. I had 3 targets with balloons. (Spectators love to see balloons pop!) The first two targets were mounted right on the ground, (rabbits) and the last target was mounted above the head.

I gave the competitor 3 knives to pop the first balloon which was at 8 feet. If they popped the balloon with one of the three knives I started a timer. They then ran to the next target which was another low target. They then went on to the last target which was mounted high (bird in tree). After the last balloon was popped the timer stopped. Fastest time won.

Young Andrew Woodfine flew through the course in a little over 16 seconds. Proving once again, youth and speed can sometimes beat age and cunning. David, the old guy, did take a very respectable third place and was only 5 seconds behind the speedster, Andrew.

You also had to qualify for the Spear Chucker. You had to pop a balloon at 21' with a seven-foot javelin type spear. Once again, Andrew was the only one who could even hit the balloon at that distance.

I'd also like to say a very special thank you to all the people who donated prizes for the raffle drawings. Rick Lemberg donated 5 Dragon Throwing Knives. John Bailey donated two World Knife Throwing Guild T-Shirts. Scott Gracia, of, donated John Bailey's throwing video, number 1. Chuck Fogarty donated two SKS throwing bayonets and Mike Bainton donated five of his Team Bakido Throwing Knives.

Table Full of Raffle Prizes

We had enough raffle prizes for everyone to get at least one prize and many people won multiple prizes. Everyone left with a prize!

I could say nice things about all the competitors but this article would be too long. They all came to the tournament to enjoy themselves and to enjoy the fellowship of other throwers. I believe all the throwers left with a good feeling about themselves and their fellow man.

Life is good!

Article Contributed By:

Carl Geddes
San Diego, CA

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

A special thanks to everyone who donated time, prizes, or anything else that made this event happen. You are all greatly appreciated!


Another year has passed and it's that time again. You know, time for the "Chucker 2002"!!! I named this event after my good friend, Chuck Fogarty. Incidentally, this year Chuck and his wife Jane, will be in attendance so you can see for yourself what nice people knife thrower’s and their families are!

For those of you who attended last year, we will still have a BBQ and door prize for all participants. We will also still have a raffle. However, there will be more prizes to raffle this year.

Also, we will have bigger and better door prizes. There will be trophies for the winners and sobs for the losers. Poor sports will be summarily shot :)

Mark your calendars for July the 27th, 2002! The event will take place in San Diego, CA at my home. The actual address is: 5023 Camino Playa Malaga, in the Tierrasanta area. My phone number is 858-268-5890. (Feel free to contact me for more directions.)

As usual you may make plans with me for private lessons before the event. You may also invite your friends but you must tell me who else will attend so I can plan the gifts and the food. If you bring a friend and don't tell me in advance, have them pack a lunch and bring their own door prize.

Throwing time is 10am. Registration starts at 9am.

Since my event is more for inexperienced throwers I have them throw 25 knives, 1/2 spin at 8', (plus or minus a foot), and 25 knives 1 full turn from 12' (plus or minus a foot.)

Then we have a beer break or whatever beverage you would like.

Then comes round 2 with one of John Bailey's new toys. The "thingee" is some ninja weapon that sticks every- time if you throw it straight. Of course, not everyone throws it straight. In this contest they throw it 25 times from 8' and 25 times from 12'. (The Ninja weapon is like a throwing star only bigger.)

In addition to the main event, we will also have a timed obstacle course event and, as a special added bonus, we will have a spear throwing contest.

(I will provide professional throwing knives to anyone who doesn’t have any. You may use your own knives if you wish.)

The target will be a 3” triangle inside of an 8” circle. The paper target will be stapled on a pine or palm round. Scoring will be 3 points for the triangle bull’s-eye, 2 points for the 8” circle, and 1 point for the rest of the target. The one who throws the highest total score will be the winner of the accuracy event.

After the event comes the BBQ and the awards ceremony - and more beer :-) Then there is lots of bragging about "how they let each other win" or "we let Andre beat us because he's only 11 years old... etc." You know, excuses :) I try to make sure everyone has a great time.

We will also have raffle prizes donated by Scott Gracia, John Bailey, Rick Lemberg, Chuck Fogarty (Mr. "Chucker" himself), myself and others.

Hope to see you there!!!

Your charming host,

Carl Geddes
Work: 800-824-2995 - Home: 858-268-5890
Carl Geddes

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