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Stories and Results From The 2005 CUSKTC

We not only had a fantastimagorical time but have some new throwers who are hooked on this get together for life! First and foremost I want to thank Mike Bainton, Audrey West and the entire South Austin Karate staff for making this another unforgetable week and being the people behind the scene's that make everything flow so smoothly!

Seeing all of my throwing family and friends in one place is always a fantastic thing but this year really took on a whole new meaning for me, I was part of knife throwing history in the making, I was privledged enough to be able to work with some relatively new throwers as well as being schooled by some older ones too!

All the different events that were put on seemed to test your abilities in a hundred different ways! From the Gold Cup to the Mt. Man throw, each was a new and different challenge. And forget about the throwing after the throwing because, as usual, it was indescribable defying not only the laws of gravity but probably some local statutes too as I believe they have a law in Texas where you can't throw on the knife range after 2:00 am with a lady while your wearing pajamas!

Cliff Hill who shall now and forever more be known simply as 'AWOL - the pajama wearing, disappearing knife thrower' had us all rolling on the floor with his antics. Dano the Shiv was also in rare form as were Throwzini (Scott Gracia NOT Garcia) and Todd (three speed) Abrams, these people had me laughing so hard I was crying, oh and we had some tournaments going on too!

The Gold Cup saw 15 or 16 of the best throwers in the world going head to head with a double elimination until the last man standing Bob (Old Dog) Pyle took the 1000.00 check and GIMONGOUS Gold Cup Trophy after some really tough competitors and an awesome display of knife throwing, this was the tournament that kicked off the weekend. As a side note Bob Pyle has been exclusively a Mt. Man thrower up until about a year and a half ago throwing by the handle only as they throw sharp knives that are made for use in camp life as per the Mt. Man Rules. Mountain Man knives have to have a sharp cutting edge all the way back to the crossguard and handles made of readily available materials back in the 1800's which were either leather, antler, bone or wood. Most of them opt for leather as it's more forgiving from a bad hit than wood or bone, anyway Old Dog has only recently moved into conventional throwing and has taken it by storm, congrats to him!

There was so much going on that it would be impossible to get it all into one post so I'll be adding another installment as I can remember what all happened... New friends, new knives and old friends having a great time throwing sharp pointy steel for several day's, it just doesn't get any better than that!!!!!

Joe Darrah

The second day of throwing for the CUSKTC (Central U.S. Knife Throwing Championships) was ready to get under way with everyone throwing their first set to see where they were ranked at Novice, Intermediate or Expert. Once that was done, with that round counting toward your final score, the tourney was in full swing!

I want to mention here that several people really shined through this whole event, young Rudd Pickett was just awesome, at 11 years old he is the future of our sport! Going up against adults doesn't phase him at all (he beat me in a heads up throw at the Claremore WWAC Event in Oklahoma earlier this year) he was throwing extremely well and took home a bunch of new steel and trophy's.

Cliff (AWOL) Hill made an extremely good showing after only 1 other tournament under his belt as did Dave (The Wave) Jester taking a 3rd place plaque for his hawk throwing. Linda Brown of the Feathers and Steel Throwing Team from Montgomery, Alabama was also throwing very well, having thrown against Mike Bainton and myself at the Invitational Tournament of Champions and sweeping most of the womens division at the Southern Championships held in Atlanta... she is definitely a force to be reckoned with in any tournament. She also placed 1st in the womens division of the Mountain Man throw, she is someone to keep an eye on in the future!

Ol 'Alamo' Mike Bainton was in pretty good form and was in the running for damn near everything or winning it, he finally won his Chicken (a 1 foot tall Eagle Statue trophy) between he and Bob (Old Dog) Pyle they had the expert class pretty well sewn up but that didn't stop anyone from trying!

I guess finally I'd like to say that watching Todd (Three Speed) Abrams grow from a good competitor into an awesome competitor, as well as an extremely professional performer was like seeing your children grow up. His prformance got him a standing ovation from a room full of throwers! It was extremely well rehearsed and carried off without a hitch. He is truly destined to go to the top of this sport/art in whichever direction he decides to take and it is a sheer pleasure watching him work!!! I have no doubt that Bob Karp's assesment of you being a star some day is right on!

Melody Emel likewise was the consumate performer and did an awesome job with my new blue whip which was a gift from my good friend Tim Bass (he is an extraordinary whip maker), I also agree that Melody was looking quite ravishing in her black dress but I am also grateful to her for explaining a few gun spins to me as well. Hopefully I'll be able to master them at some point!

Well that's it for this post there are many others whom I didn't mention and all of them are equally as important but these were the performances that stuck out in my mind at the moment, stay tuned for more knife throwing Tales From The Road!

Joe Darrah

DAY 3 - Leaving Pradise
I think we all felt a little homesick when we came back to reality, leaving Mike and his crew is always what the master bard desribed as being "such sweet sorrow" alas we can only last a short while in utopia before having to return to the realities of life but we will ever be drawn there as a moth to a flame!!!

It was great throwing with you and Dano the Shiv and all the other fine people who attended, meeting Sensei Sandubrae, Col. Maurice Udell and Frank Dux, as well as having more of the Martial Art's contingent there in the form of Master Marlin Sim's from Atlanta, SBN Bill Page from Alabama and Dr. Jay Dunbar from Magic Tortoise Tai Chi Chuan in North Carolina and all of their student's who attended! Also a real special congrats to Linda Brown for garnering all of the womens championships, I'm sure Bill Page who is her Martial Art's instructor is quite proud of her!

There was so much going on in Austin I'm still trying to assimilate it all, it's sort of a blur of just one great time followed by another and all I can say is if you have to miss one throw a year this would NOT be the one to miss!!!

Until the next time... we'll see ya on the road!

Joe Darrah
Brokenfeather Custom Knives
(Stick With It!)

Thanks to everyone that made this past week a greater success than any throw ever put on. We had thirty one throwers this year and the beauty of it was that any of 15 to 18 throwers could have taken the top spot in the CUSKTC.Looking back to the past couple of years that number was probably six to eight. To me that is the success of a knife throw.

The support from the Old Guard is astonishing! They keep coming back every year to cheer on the current throwers of all skill levels. Che Che Whitecloud and his wife Nancy were unable to make it this year and we missed them a great deal. The Bob Karp Gold Cup was as good if not better than last year with 15 excellent throwers.

The winner, Bob Pyle, had to work from the losers bracket to get the beautiful Gold Cup and the thousand dollar prize. It was well deserved. Rick "The MC" Lemberg did a fantastic job at the Induction Ceremony. The entertainment for the banquet was superb with an impalement act second to none that I have seen. Great job Three Speed and of course the lovely Melody. The cook (John Aaron) also out did himself with the best BBQ I have ever tasted. My kids did an awesome job of wowing the knife throwers again with an excellent display of Archery and Martial Arts!

There are so many people that made this a successful event it is hard to articulate my sincere gratitude for their help. Smokin' Joe Darrah spent most of the early part of the throw running back and forth to the airport picking people up and then taking them back when they were ready to go home.

Linda Brown, Cliff Hill (aka AWOL), Ed Imperatore and a few others have expressed the feeling of leaving family whenever it was time to go home and I can assure you the feeling is mutual, my staff and I were very sad when everybody had left.

What a feeling though to think the ELITE of the throwing world, the very best knife throwers alive today are truly family, brothers and sisters of the knife. We welcome all newcomers to our group with open arms so come join this unique and wonderful family!

ESPN could not get over the camaradery and love we have for each other. I wish I could articulate it better.

The IKTHOF will now have four throws that use our format and are recognized by the IKTHOF headquarters. They are the:

Central US Knife Throwing Championships in Austin, Texas
The Southern US Knife Throwing Championships in Atlanta, Georgia
The Northern US Knife Throwing Championships in NetCong, New Jersey
And the World Championships at the WWAC event in Claremore, Oklahoma

The total point standing for those four events will be rewarded at the next IKTHOF induction ceremony on Labor Day weekend 2006. We are in the process of developing a GOlDEN KNIFE AWARD for the top point totals in the aforementioned events funded by two of the board members of the IKTHOF. Sorry to be so long winded but there is a lot going on in Knife Throwing, Oh by the way Audrey West is going to stay on as the executive secretary of the IKTHOF which makes me very very happy.

Signed, Alamo

Well this will be my final installment in this series since I am heading out on the road again on Thurs. morning to the WWAC Convention being held at Mark Mulligan's in Cleburne TX.

There were so many wonderful people and great moments this year in Austin that it would be impossible for me to name or number them all, some of the things that stand out in my mind are young Rudd Pickett's throwing ability at the age of 11 (he beat me 1 on 1 in Claremore) Beverly and James from the Carolina Bladeslingers as well as their mentor and teacher Dr. Jay. Cliff Hill who will be known from now on as simply AWOL, or was that simple AWOL oh well you get the point, he is truly a burst of laughter in a library and is a heck of a thrower!

The folks behind the scenes that make it all happen are an amazing bunch as well as Mike Bainton for making this all possible, and all of his staff and students who give tirelessly to make sure this is all a success.

All of the guest's as well as guest celebrities like Frank Dux (of Bloodsport Movie Fame)Chief Thundercloud (a former professional impalement artist,trick shot artist and trick bow shooter), Sensei Arnold Sandubrae (I believe a 5 or 6 time Black Belt Hall of Famer already ll as Black Belt Hall of Fame Living Legend award), Dick Haines,thrower,fire eater, unicyclist, high wire walker, stilt walker and who knows what else) also one of the people featured in one of Harry McEvoy's books along with Che Che whitecloud who unfortunately couldn't make it this year, he sends his regrets but say's he won't miss the next one, and Rick (The MC) Lemberg also and awsome thrower!

For Alex who was a most astute pupil of the Tomahawks as well as Beverly, and all the people who gave of their time and expertise to share this sport with others including Bob (Master of The Blade) Karp, and last but certainly not least would be all the Mountain Men and the great (SICK) games they come up with for their events, Chuck (Walking Eagle) Weems, Bob (Old Dog) Pyle, Roy (Moses) Neal, David Smith of Alabama, and Mr. Pearl and his family... what an awesome group of people!

As a board member of the IKTHOF I want to thank Master Marlin Sim's of Atlanta, SBN Bill Page of Montgomery Family Martial Art's Center and his Feathers and Steel Throwing and Archery club, and also Dr. Jay of the Magic Tortoise Tai Chi Chuan School and his throwing club The Carolina Bladeslingers, as well as Master Arnold Sandubrae AKA White Fist of California!

And last but certainly not least, Dr. Master Michael J. (Alamo) Bainton Phd. for facilitating this whole thing and bringing many styles and disciplines of throwers and Martial Artist's together under one roof for a common goal; to have fun, share a sport and art we love with like minded people, and to give us a place to bring all these thing's together.

Thanks Alamo you'll always be a winner to me brother!!!

Joe Darrah
Brokenfeather Custom Knives
IKTHOF Board Member

We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Central United States Knife Throwing Championships taking place in Austin, TX. You and your guests are hereby cordially invited to participate and/or attend our Tournament on September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2005.

Saturday - September 3rd
2nd Annual Gold Cup & 3rd Annual IKTHOF Induction Banquet.

Sunday - September 4th
CUSKTC Conventional Tournament, All Divisions.

Monday - September 5th
CUSKTC Mountain Man Tournament, All Divisions.

I am personally looking forward to seeing you and your guests at the Fourth Annual Central United States Knife Throwing Championships.

Sensei Michael J. Bainton, Ph.D
South Austin Karate
10203 Old Manchaca Rd., Austin, Texas 78748


Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
10am - IKTHOF Gold Cup Competition
5pm - IKTHOF Induction Ceremony

Sunday, September 4th, 2005
All Divisions

8am - 9am - Sign-in & Registration, Adult Category
8am - 9:45am - All ranges open for practices
9am - 10am - Sudden Death Qualifier
10am - 12pm - Knife Throwing
12pm - 1pm - B R E A K

3pm - 3:30pm - Sudden Death qualifier
3:30pm - 4:30pm - Tomahawk Throwing
4:30pm - 5pm - Long Distance Throw
7pm - 8:00pm - Awards Ceremony

Monday, September 5th, 2005
Mountain Man Division

The mountain man events will consist of knives and hawks thrown one at a time, with regulation 'Mountain Man knives'. (Knives must have a wood, bone or leather handle.)

Please note, all competitors will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation and over 50 awards will be given out!



Men's Division (16 and older)
Knife Throwing - Expert, Intermediate and Novice throwers will throw 5 weapons at 5 targets, 4 times per distance for a total of 100 knives (300 points possible). Distances are ½, 1, 1½, 2, and 2½ spins.

Tomahawk Throwing - All categories will throw 5 tomahawks at 5 targets, 3 times per distance for a total of 45 tomahawks (135 possible points). Distances are 1 spin, 1 and a half spins, and two spins.

Junior Division (10 and younger)
Knife Throwing - 5 knives at 5 targets, 3 times per distance at ½ & 1 spin for 30 knives.

Tomahawk Throwing - 5 tomahawks at 5 targets, 2 times per distance at 10 ft.

Women's Division (16 and older) &
Youth Division (11 to 15 years old)

Knife Throwing - 5 knives at 5 targets, 3 times per distance at ½, 1, 1 ½, and 2 spins.

Tomahawk Throwing - 5 tomahawks at 5 targets, 3 times at 1 spin.

Sudden Death Qualifier (Men’s Division Only)
All adult male throwers will throw five weapons from ½, 1, 1½, 2, and 2½ spins. Scores will then be tallied and divided into three groups Advanced, Intermediate and Novice.

Targets will be approximately 16 inches in diameter, with an inner ring of 8 inch diameter and a 2½ inch bullseye.

Weapons will be scored "as they stick" with a mandatory 5 seconds in target in order to count as stuck.

Bullseyes will be counted as 3 points, weapons penetrating the inner ring as 2 points and all other areas of the target round as 1 point.

Weapons stuck in the backboard of the target will not count nor will a weapon stuck in the target by anything other than its intended point.

The point of the weapon must penetrate the target in order to count, and the highest ring penetrated by the weapon will be the score.

After a thrower has finished their turn, a range official will approach the targets and call out the scores as they determine they exist.

The score keeper will record the score and then the thrower will be allowed to retrieve their weapon.

If the range officer cannot determine the score, they will call for another official to confer with over the score. Their decision is final and will be carefully considered to ensure a fair and accurate tournament.

Scores will be tabulated by combining competitor scores from each weapon category excluding sudden death and qualifiers.

Ties will be broken by a sudden death competition, one round of five weapons from each distance, (distance determined by division).


Please note that airport pick-up is available once you're in Austin, TX and is compliments of South Austin Karate.

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