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2005 WWAC Annie Oakley Days - Greenville, Ohio Results
From Cliff Hill

Well I took the plunge and decided to attend the WWAC event in Greenville, Ohio and I'm really glad I did. Being the new guy entering his first competition I was feeling the pressure to say the least. But hooking up with everyone was more like meeting old friends for a reunion. A nicer group of people would be hard to find. They took me right in giving me all the details and making sure I had everything I needed, even started laying on the "smack" right away.I felt right at home the first night and was looking forward to throwing the next day.

On Saturday morning the practice range was open and taking a beating when I got there about 10am. After a few greetings and a wise crack or two from Joe Darrah (hard to believe isn't it) I'm throwing away at the targets along with everyone and we're having a blast! I had been talking with Joe Darrah on the Yahoo Throwers List and he kind of saw to it that I fit right in. Meeting Dirt Poor Ed and Joe helped put faces to the words of the conversations we had been having on the List.

Warming up before the event
The tournament was set for 2pm and for the next 3 1/2 hours the practice range never got a break. We were throwing knives, hawks, rocks, anything and having a blast but at the same time working hard and helping each other to stick knives at the designated distances for the competition. We were bringing out the best in each other by having little 1 on 1 pre-contest matches. Everyone was having a great time getting acquainted, warming up, and testing our skills.

Amidst all the action there was something I kept noting about the crowd of people browsing through the area. It seemed that no one could just walk on by us without stopping to watch for a while. Many of them took a seat in the bleachers and watched for a long time proving to me that there really is something hypnotic about a knife soaring through the air and then cracking the target point first. The other throwers were seeing this too and it made us try harder to stick each throw. Funny how an audience will do that, but in a candid sort of way I was seeing another side to this. We were spreading the word to these people about the sport of throwing by just throwing and being ourselves. Actions do speak louder than words in some situations. Cool!!

The competition started promptly at 2 pm and all the funny stuff turned to serious throwing. Judges Joe Darrah and Che Che Whitecloud told us to support and encourage the current thrower and to urge them to throw their best. The next thing you know it sounded like a ball game out there with everyone rooting for the throwers to throw their best knives. It really did feel good to hear everybody cheering you on. You could tell that each thrower was in this to win.

This was the second year for this event and last year there were only 5 throwers in the contest. Proof that this event is growing rapidly was obvious with the number of throwers this year rising to 13, nearly triple by comparison. Points were scored in two separate rounds throwing 10 knives from each distance of 8ft, 12ft, and a throwers choice of either 15 or 18ft. Targets were 16in log rounds with a 2 1/2in bullseye scoring 3 points, the next outer ring of 8in scoring 2 points, and the outer ring scoring 1 point. This made a total possible score of 180 points for the tournament.

This is Henry throwing his knives and doing great!
Larry Zwickel of The Frontier Riders eyes up his new Frontier Hawk before letting it fly! Here is Paul Elliott doing the Funky Chicken Walk on the way to the target
It took 3 hours for everyone to complete their 2 rounds and after a brief double checking on the scores Kirk announced the winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. They were as follows:

1st place: Ed Imperatore - 109 points
2nd place: Dr. J Dunbar - 97 points
3rd place: Cliff Hill - 84 points
4th place: Kirk Bass - 78 points
5th place: Mark Mulligan - 77 points
6th place: Kyle Parish - 76 points
7th place: Linda Brown - 71 points
8th place: Tim Bass - 57 points
9th place: Melodee Bass - 50 points
10th place: Henry Dill - 33 points
11th place: Paul Elliott - 32 points
12th place: Brian Winner - 32 points
13th place: Judy Taylor - 22 points

Prizes for each of the winning places were donated and presented by Joe Darrah in the form of a serial numbered, hand made, Brokenfeather mountain man style throwing knife for each respective place winner. Very nice indeed!!

Event Manager Kirk Bass also received a Brokenfeather knife for all his efforts in running a very smooth event. Also from Joe we were given a copy of Michael Bainton's book "Together We Stand Alone" and knife throwing related patches.

Event winner, Dirt Poor Ed, donated coffee cups with IKTHOF logo to all entries of the contest. Thanks again Ed, and props to you for throwing a very consistant tournament. You earned it! Congrats to the place winners and all the entries for throwing a great game and I wish all good luck with their next time out. There were several people at this meet who could have easily won.

Here Are A Few More Pics From The Event!

Suddenly a black shiney pick-up truck comes rolling up by the throwing range, and quickly stops. The door flies open and out comes John Bailey of "Lash and Steel". As he's crossing the range he calls out to Joe Darrah, "Are we gonna do this thing or what?"

In case you didn't know or don't remember, a few weeks ago on the Thrower List, Joe called John out for a 1 on 1 match, at this event---- winner take all (of nothing really) but none the less I'm seeing that if you call this cowboy out-----you just better get ready, cause he'll be there. Then Joe calls back to him, "Let's do it!"

Knife Throwing contest between Joe Darrah and John Bailey
A scorekeeper is appointed and Joe starts the match out scoring! But wait!!! He's using these real little knives. Everyone gets a big laugh as John returns scores of his own.
More knife throwing...
Two great knife throwers enjoying and promoting the sport!
When the match is over John has clearly won and the two laugh and shake hands for a picture or two.

knife throwing contest
Hey!, that looked a little fishy to me. Were they mad or not? Didn't look like it in the picture. Well set up or not there was no question about the fun they created with this little shoot'in match. Anything for a little attention!!!!!

Two great knife throwers enjoying and promoting the sport!
Che Che WhiteCloud and John Bailey of Lash and Steel, take time to visit before their showcase performances.

By now it was getting late and for us attending the WWAC Banquet time to get ready was running thin so we all scrammed. The banquet provided a big meal and several awards and with pictures including the winners of the throwing competition. We received several notes of gratitude from the WWAC and Ed even got a plaque for winning 1st place. (are they crazy?) Afterwards where did we end up? On the range throwing and laughing and having a blast while waiting for darkness to fall and then the grande finale-------

Expert bullwhip artist Chris Camp from Springfield, Illinois demonstrating his superb skills at handling two FIREWHIPS at once---in the dark. It was amazing and every time he cracked one of those whips, a big fireball rolled off the end of it. Just too cool for words to explain!!! Man what a day-----where's my tent?

Sunday, a day of playing around on the practice range, trying trick throws and showing off also brought one by one the parting and good-byes of newly found friends. It truly seemed that the three days just flashed by in a minute. I soon found myself just standing around the range talking to the few people left knowing I should have been packing up hours ago. So I finally said my farewells and packed my gear and headed for the interstate.

It's over till next year, and OWWEE!!!! My shoulder hurts!! I sent some pictures for you to look at if you like and now it's time for me to get out of here but before I do check this: The Greenville Event seems to carry a cloud of being not that important amongst some throwers and I'll not question their reasons or validity. It just seems to me that out and out fun has to be a big factor for anyone taking up knife throwing because if it's not fun for you, you won't stick with it long enough to reach even the minimum levels of skill required to get really good at it. It also seems that I have met no one yet as a thrower that didn't want to get really good at it, so I have to conclude that it is fun that aids their drive to reach higher levels of skill. If fun has so much to do with why we throw then Greenville had it all this year. I'll be going again next year. And if anyone asks me what's so hot about this event:

Good friends, Good atmosphere, and Good attitudes, Not to mention the talented WWAC people, the antique booths, food booths, novelty stands, and well if you can't have fun here-----you really had to try hard not to.

Thanks again to all the new people I met for your hospitality and I hope to see you all real soon!!!!

Article Contributed By:

Cliff Hill
Princeton, Indiana

2005 WWAC Greenville, Ohio Convention

The Wild West Arts Club Ohio regional convention will be held at the Annie Oakley Days Festival at the Darke County Fairgrounds in Greenville, Ohio on July 29-31, 2005. Our third year! Let's make it the best yet!

Contests and showcases will be in front of a public audience. Most of the success of this event has been because of audience interest. The feedback we get each year from spectators has been amazing! We're going to try to make it even better this year.WWAC Members who have never before been to the Ohio event - like: John Bailey, Chris Camp, Joe Darrah, and many others, will be coming to get in on the competition and fun! It will be a great time for everyone!

Pre-Registration Required By July 20, 2005 To:
Gery L. Deer - 3604 N Lake Shore Dr. - Jamestown, OH 45335
Phone: (937) 902-4857 Email:

Adults: $40
Couples: $70
Non-participant Banquet Dinner Tickets: $15
Registration with new or renewal WWAC Membership: $65 per person. Payment Options: Cashier's Check, Personal check, money order, cash.

Go to the website do download registration forms and other information: http:///

Included with registration:
- Admission to Annie Oakley Days events
- Admission to Banquet and show featuring "The Brothers & Co. Entertainers"
- Workshops, contests, and practice sessions.
- Camping on the grounds (water, sewer, & electric) free to member participants.
- Horse stable use (You must have own supplies and clean up afterwards)

Camping: Registered participants will have access to free camping on the grounds (electricity and water available) Please notify Gery L. Deer if you intend to camp.


Friday, July 29
11 AM: Check In / Workshops & practices begin
8 PM: Hospitality Time - Music & Social Time
With an open fire at the BASS Camp!

Saturday, July 30
9 AM: Workshops & practices begin
10 AM: Annie Oakley Days Parade
2 PM: Contests Begin
6 PM: Awards & Entertainment Banquet

Sunday, July 31
9 AM: Workshops & practices begin
1 PM: Public Showcase Entertainment
5 PM: Closing


Whip Handling - Gery L. Deer
Trick Roping - Doug Smith
GunSpinning - TBA
Knife Throwing - Kirk Bass
Showmanship - Gery Deer & Barbara Huiner


Speed & Accuracy - Men's Division / Women's Division / Jr's Division
Zorro Candleboard
Ohio's Own Bullwhip Fast draw
NEW!! Most Cracks - 60 Seconds

Trick Roping:
Big Loop (Men, Women, Jr.)
Most Unusual Rope Trick

GunSpinning - WGA Rules BASIC

Knife Throwing - Contact Kirk Bass

Special thanks to our supporters:

Gary L. Deer & Sons
Kirk & Melodee Bass
Don Nevile-Smith
Mark Allen - Western Stage Props
Paul Nolan - Midwest Whips
World Gunspinning Association
The Annie Oakley Days Committee
Doug Smith
The Brothers & Co. Entertainers
Professor Karns Classic Magic
GLD Enterprises & Productions Whip Artistry Studio

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