The Great Throwzini
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The New 'Military Ziel'
Throwing Knife!
Made by Boker

Boker Mini Ziel Throwing Knife At Last! The perfect compact/carry thrower!
John Bailey, designer of the Beil Axe, Bokri, Tankri, Star Lite and Ziel throwing knives is at it again!

The new 'M-Ziel', is not only a smaller version of the Ziel II, but a knife for the armed forces and tactical personnel. 'I designed this knife to hold up when you need to pry open a suspicious crate, punch holes in a drum or pop a car window to aid in a rescue; all this and its a great throwing knife too!' - J.Bailey.

'My initial reaction was that the handle was a little short. But it seemed OK when I began throwing it. I began at 1/2 spin. I found I had to adjust the distance from other knives that length due to it's heavy handle. It is well balanced, but for it's size, the weight is a bit towards the handle.

At a full spin it throws true for me at 10', at 1 1/2 spins I had to adjust a bit due to the handle weight again. I had to step back further than similar length knives but once I made my adjustments it stuck just fine. 2 spins still no problems. I am impressed thus far. I threw 30 from each distance for a total of 120 throws. I hit a few nails in my target at first from 2 spins. The nail had some damage but the knife was undamaged.

I then went to a quick cross draw throw from the same distances. 'It' threw very well. I did not. It stuck, but not in the target I was aiming for. LOL I did not dare throw it beyond 2 spins as my aim was not in top form. I suspect though it could be thrown 3 spins effectively. I like the weight at 6 1/2 oz by my scale. The size at 8 7/8" though is too short for competition, but its still nice.

The handle though it seems short at first... actually works well. The indented portion just above the handle is perfect for adjusting or slowing the rotation if necassary. An easy adjustment. In summary, thus far I am impressed. I will test it further no doubt and give you a full report.' The sheath with the belt clip or boot clip is also nice. It actually would make a nice boot knife.

'I have now thrown this now up to 3 full spins and it works. It took a bit of adjusting for distance due to the short length and heavy weight ratio but once it was figured out... magic! After over 1000 throws outdoors, cold weather forced me indoors. That was the real test. I bounced it off the floor a few times (OK more than a few) and my floor took a beating. The knife held up just fine. I then began throwing it along with other knives to see how it held up in a crowd. The shape slides in between very closely thrown knives so no blade damage. Just a slight nick on the handle that I sanded out.'

M-Ziel, aka military ziel, throwing knife designed by John Bailey.
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'The M-Ziel is a winner as I see it! Too bad it falls JUST short (1/8") of AKTA guidelines. I love it though. It is just meant to throw! It has plenty of weight and the blade design/thickness make it a great small thrower. One of the best I have seen. It is definitely NOT a floater! It has the weight needed for distance, control and penetration, often missing in smaller knives. If you can break this knife, you're throwing like Randy Johnson and need to slow it down to reasonable speeds! lol This thing is Aces in my book!' - A. Kotila

Military Ziel throwing knife with sheath
The top grain leather sheath has a high-rise belt clip, eyelets for lacing down stealth carry or to tie on to a vest or other equipment.

These are the NEWEST throwers from Boker. They measure 8 7/8" long, 3/16" thick and weigh in at 6.5 ounces!

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boker military throwing knife
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Here's what you'll get:

Makes a great boot/throwing knife

Stronger, heavier, and longer than the cheaper "floaters" on the market

Made from sturdy 440 Stainless

Indented handle makes for easy and consistent grip adjustments

Cool screen printed logo

Perfect 'youth knife' for those looking for a smaller thrower

Money-back guarantee