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The A.G. Russell Sting
Made by CRKT

Columbia River Knife and Tool Sting A Fantastic Boot Knife for Hunting, Throwing or Personal Defense! A.G. designed the first Sting in 1975 in reaction to the poorly designed boot knives available then. The Sting was intended as a boot knife for hunting and personal defense.

We never recommend mistreating a knife, but as a survival knife, the Sting can take more outright abuse than any stainless steel knife CRKT makes. You can use it to cut wood, clean and skin animals, and even for those unforeseen digging and prying tasks.

We see today’s CRKT Sting as a multi-purpose one-piece utility knife that is just about indestructible.

Which is exactly what made a good friend of mine think he should throw it! :-) (Be sure to read the upcoming Testimonial to learn how this little knife stood up to some real throwing abuse!)

Knife Throwing with a CRKT Sting Knife

It was a tough knife from the beginning.
It's even tougher now

Hot forging is the reason the Sting is so tough. It begins life as an ordinary blank of 1050 carbon steel, similar to the alloy used in traditional Samurai swords, which is first hot forged and then precision ground into final shape. After heat-treating and normalizing to improve the grain structure, the Sting is then heat treated and quenched to achieve hardness, and tempered to arrive at an optimum hardness with excellent strength.

The spear point blade features two Razor-Sharp cutting edges.

The integral handle is contoured to fit the bare or gloved hand nicely and provides heft and balance, with thumb detents for grip.

A large lanyard hole is provided, allowing the use of a wrist lanyard, or carry as a neck knife. It is also possible to attach a cord/rope to the lanyard hole to make an over sized rope dart!

Sting - by AG Russell - Forged 1050

Powder Coated finish makes a smooth and tough knife that resists rust

While they are very tough, low alloy steels do not have the rust resistance imparted by the chromium and nickel in stainless steels, so we apply a black non-reflective powder coat finish to stop corrosion.

The 'Sting' has a baked-on, black powder coat. It is very tough and serves to protect the carbon steel from the elements. Over time and with use, the coat will scratch (ESPECIALLY if the knife is thrown). This is normal wear. When it occurs it is necessary to take a little more care to ensure that the blade does not rust. To do this, just make sure that the blade is cleaned and lightly oiled after use. Unfortunately, since the finish is baked-on in an oven at high temperature, it cannot be repaired once it is scratched.

CRKT also created a new Cordura® multi-carry sheath with a Zytel liner. This quiet and strong design is very light and has belt loops that allow it to be carried vertically or horizontally. In addition, two Velco® leg straps are included, allowing the Sting to be carried high or low on the leg, and in a variety of carry positions on gear.
Knife Throwing with a CRKT Sting
This design measures 6 and 7/8" in length and the handle is 5/16" thick! It weighs almost 4.7 ounces or 131 grams. Thats plenty of weight to give you control and lots of penetrating power. You won't have to worry about knives falling out of your target or "floating" away from the point of aim because they are too light or got "caught" in the wind.

When this little knife hits the target point first, its going in deep!

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"Test Driving The New CRKT Sting"

As a personal carry, the Sting is a more hefty knife than many other small fixed blades, which some say adds a sense of security.

Like A.G. Russell himself, the Sting is a tough character that has earned its respect.

To sum it up, you get a small, sturdy, easily 'worn' knife with a durable powder coat finish! And the best part for us, its a wicked little throwing knife!

Here are just a few reasons why these knives are better than other cheaper "floater" knives being sold:
  • Most knives under 7 inches are very light and harder to stick. The CRKT Sting has awesome penetrating power due to its weight. This will also help your knives stay in the target

  • Many "floaters" aren't heavy enough to cut through the air which means you have to throw them harder. The Sting can be "lobbed" at the target and won't have a problem sticking. This makes a 3 hour throwing session possible and saves lots of unnecessary "wear-and-tear" on your shoulder and elbow.

  • Comes with a new multi-carry sheath with a Zytel liner. Can be carried vertically or horizontally.

  • In addition, two Velco® leg straps are included, allowing the Sting to be carried high or low on the leg, and in a variety of carry positions on gear.

  • The CRKT Stings are heavier than most other knives under 7" so they can be thrown farther without losing direction from wind resistance. Cheaper "floaters" tend to float away from the point of aim

  • Durable powder coat finish means less cleaning, oiling or rust to worry about

sting throwing knife
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Here's what you'll get:

Great knife for throwing by the handle

Stronger and heavier than other smaller knives on the market

Made from 1050 Carbon Steel

Versatile sheath has many carry options

Easy grip handle ensures a sure grip and release

Durable powder coat finish

Easily carried
(not bulky)

Gets fantastic penetration even on harder targets