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Carl Geddes - Carl Geddes - San Diego, CA (Tierrasanta area)
Home: 858-268-5890

"I started throwing late in the year 2000. I began throwing as a way to relax from my work. I throw knives and hawks mostly with a few other "pointy" things thrown in to make it interesting. Anyone who lives in, or visits the area is welcome to come by and throw."

Signed up 7-24-02 - Todd Abrams - aka 'Jack Dagger'
Jack Dagger Web Site
Los Angeles, CA

"Impalement Artist (a fancy term for Knife Throwing Performer), World Champion Speed Thrower, and certified instructor with the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Association"

Signed Up 6-7-02 - Daniel P. Clark - (aka "The Shiv")
San Diego, CA

"Iím a member of the San Diego Chuckers. I throw both competitively and just for fun. And I throw everything; knives, hawks, stars, axes, nails, tent stakes... everything! I enjoy throwing with new people, but Iím not a good teacher. I recently turned my garage into an indoor throwing studio. Send me an e-mail if you want to play."

Signed Up 2-23-03 - Micah Posada
San Diego, CA

"I just started throwing with Carl Geddes. He has alot of knowledge and is a great teacher. If anyone is interested in throwing you can call me or email me!"

Signed Up 10-26-05 - Tony "Taz" Caruso - Northridge, CA

"I have competed with Carl, Micah and Todd at the Cold Steel Challenges and the Chucker 2005. I am new to throwing, from knives to spears and in between, but Love it!! I am a LAMECO Philippine Combat Knife and Stick Martial Artist and would like to trade knowledge from fighting to throwing."

Matt Rapaport - Throwers Page - Matt Rapaport
760 Lohrman Lane
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 477-2774

Gordon Gray - Gordon Gray - Hollister, CA

"I've been throwing for 1 1/2 years. Knives, axes, whatever. Home made or store-bought... anything that's sharp! It's so addictive my girlfriend and neighbors complain about me "always throwing those damned knives!"

Carving whittled by Dr. D.F. Gundersen of L&H Knives. Made for Mr. Bob - Master of the Blade - Karp, IKTA President, for his devotion to the throwing sports. - Fred Beardsley - Clear Lake, CA

"I own around a hundred knives that I throw at various targets. (I even hit them occasionally) I also compete in archery tournaments. I am a third degree black belt and bass fishing nut. I would love to have someone locally to compete with!"

R. Amavizca - Berkley, CA - Rigo Amavizca - Berkeley, CA

"I'm 26 years old and I've been throwing for a few months now. I started throwing knives at first. Now I can use screwdrivers and even scissors! Its been a wonderful new hobby for me!"

Signed Up 6-7-02 - Lee Fugatt - Jones Valley, CA (Near Redding)

"I've been making and throwing knives for a few years. I host an annual event called the "Westcoast Masters" (aka "The HURLATHON") at my rural property in N. CA. I'm fairly good at teaching folks how to throw things as well. Stop by or email me! (Pic is me after I won 1st Place at the 1998 International Knife Throwing Tournament"

Signed Up 6-19-02 - "Paris" - Long Beach, CA

"Hey fellow "throwing freaks"! I'm a wanna be! I have thrown a time or two, but stopped and now wanna get on with the pointy stuff. I want to pin point a "freaky club" to throw knives, hatchets and such with. Anyone around Long Beach, California?"

Signed Up 1-6-03 - John Fleshman - Crescent City, CA

"I've been throwing knives and other stuff for ten or fifteen years but I'm just starting to get semi accurate. The pic is me and my Gil Hibben knives. The newsletter rocks. Keep up the good work!"

Signed Up 2-18-03. Carving whittled by Dr. D.F. Gundersen of L&H Knives. Made for Mr. Bob - Master of the Blade - Karp, IKTA President, for his devotion to the throwing sports. - Robert Rykowski - Los Angeles, CA

"Just started throwing and want to hook up with some throwers in my area and have a good time. I go to school at Long Beach State University and I live in an apartment so my "range" is my 15ft hallway... if anyone wants a throwing partner by all means email me!"

Signed Up 3-21-03 - Steve Compton - Cottonwood, CA

"Lee Fugatt got me interested in throwing for competion. I've always been interested in making stuff and now I am grinding my own knives (I'm also just a bit "thrifty")."

Signed Up 5-01-05 - Otis E. Jones
PO Box 430
San Jose, CA 95103

"I am a beginner and just starting to learn the sport."

Signed Up 5-31-05 - Seth Wilson - Ben Lomond, CA

"Best, cheapest and funnest throwers I've found are old bicycle cranks. I rebuild/customize cruiser bikes, at one point I glanced at my pile of bike parts, then to my target and it hit me! They come in different sizes, and stick pretty good from any distance."

Signed Up 10-22-05 - Shelby Bond - Los Angeles, CA

"I've been throwing stars since I was a kid but I'm just getting more into knife throwing and would like to work on an act eventually. I love many western arts and can't wait to get tomahawks soon. I'd love to get an LA group together and help each other improve."

Signed Up 3-6-06 - Andrew Alker - Santa Barbara, CA

"Brand new to throwing... looking for someone who wants to kick back and throw a bit, perhaps teach me a thing or three. My only experience is throwing old pocket knives and cutlery into a foam boogie-board hanging on a tree. heh."

Signed Up 5-10-06 - Jason - Desert Hot Springs, CA

"I've been throwing steel for about two years seriously. I can throw ten yards away with great accuracy. I had a knife stolen (along with the car it was in) that I could throw accurately at fifteen yards. Anyway, I have some friends that are very novice and would appreciate a visit by any throwers coming thru this area!"

Signed Up 5-15-06 - Peggy Mullenfeld - Santa Ana, CA

"I've been throwing for a couple years now. I dont know if I am any good but I throw better then any one I know, (because nobody else throws :-) I wonder how many ladies take up knife throwing instead of knitting?"

Signed Up 1-30-07 - Ryder Keenum - Frazier Park, CA

"I've been throwing since I was six (about 21 years). My father taught me how to throw knives, hawks, bolas, spears, throwing sticks, spikes, basically anything I could get my hands on. The first time someone tossed me a baseball I was very confused, until my father instantly solved my dilema. He yelled over to me, "just throw it like a knife"!

Signed Up 11-12-07 - Roger Bibeau - Los Angeles, CA
(818) 765-2626


Signed Up 2-26-09 - Desiree Cortez - Santa Clara, CA
(aka 'Lady Blade') 408-613-9949

"Iíve had my knives for about 10 years but only got really serious the last year. I throw Knives & Steel Darts but would LOVE to do Axes, Tomahawks and Stars! I am self taught but looking for a mentor, I just found this site and am excited to hook-up with other throwers!! I can throw right handed, left handed and both hands at once and two knives at once. I would really like to compete someday. All tips/tricks are welcome!!!"

Signed Up 5-4-09 - Tom Sheahan - Murrieta, CA

"I have been throwing knives for over 50 years, and I still enjoy this amateur sport. I make my own throwing knives, and I prefer knives 15" long with 10" bowie-type blades and leather handles."

Signed Up 7-29-09 - Sam Cotton - San Luis Obispo, CA

"Been throwing for about 9 months-knives, hawks, bayonets, swords, and shovels. I had a chance to spend 5 days with Mike Bainton. That was great."

Signed Up 1-13-10 - Jerry Meyers - Pinon Hills, CA
Phelan Self Defense

"I'm a thrower in the high desert of California."

Signed Up 6-22-10 - John Labash - Pittsburg, CA
Diablo Rod and Gun Club Impalement Arts Group.

"Grind, roll and throw my own..."

Signed Up 3-15-10 - Louie Maldonado - Tracy, CA

" I'm 30 years old and have always loved knives. I just recently got into throwing them, now I'm addicted. I'm still learning and getting better. I would like to take it to the next level someday and compete, but for now I just wanna learn more and meet new people who enjoy the sport the way I do. Who wants to throw?"

Any comments, ideas or quality pictures pertaining to throwing weapons or the content of this site are greatly appreciated! Please send them to: Scott Gracia

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