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Throwing Articles

The following links contain articles that were sent in by our readers. These articles range from knife throwing games, to getting your own throwing designs laser cut by a professional. Thanks to everyone who sent them in!

Cord Wrapping Your Handles
By Greg Watkins -- I have figured out a great way to cord wrap a thrower. It is based on what I learned about the way the Samurai have wrapped their sword handles.

An Investment In Equipment
By Scott Gracia -- When starting out, many people want to spend as little as possible on knives just to see if they are interested in the sport. This article tells a bit about cheap throwers and also talks about some of the best throwing knives available... The Dragon Knives!!!

Targets For Knife and Tomahawk Throwing
By Scott Gracia -- Here are a few simple ideas for targets and places to find them. If you're having trouble locating some big pieces of wood then read this article!

Maintaining Your Throwers
By Chuck Fogarty -- Chuck shares the best way he's found to clean up the edges on his throwers. And also a new way to make the head of your hawk stay tight.

You Get What You Pay For
By Carl Geddes -- If you're serious about throwing, your knives should be a minimum of 12" in length and 10 - 12oz in weight. Once you learn the basics, you'll be able to throw anything that has a point on it!

Keep Trying Til You Find What Works For You
By Phillipe Catania -- This article is from a thrower in France and it talks about trying different designs til you find one that feels just right in your hands.

Dorm Room Throwers
By Kyle Chambers -- Here are some great ideas for people that don't have alot of room and need smaller throwers and targets!

Making Your Own Knives
By Joe Darrah -- Here are some tips on designing and making your own throwing knives.

My String Driven Thing
By John Craggs -- 2 WARNINGS: Watch out for a rope burn if you let the line feed out through your fingers and an amazingly fast 'bounce' can occur if the line suddenly comes tight after you release the dart. Sound intriguing???

Custom Tomahawks from Jack Woerner
By Jack Woerner -- "A while back I saved and saved to buy a nice hawk from RMJ Forge, but was disappointed to find he had stopped orders to the public. So, in my frustration, I said to heck with it, and I'll forge 'em myself..."

A Few Notes About Laser Cutting
By Dennis Beever -- One of our readers was kind enough to send in the steps he goes through for getting his own custom throwing knives laser cut by a professional. There's lots of great info in this article so be sure to check it out!

A Combat Run for Knife Throwers
By K.E. Sackett -- Want to learn 10 challenging throws? This is a great article if you have friends that get together and throw with you. There are some great ideas for games that you can compete in against your buddies!

Weather Extremes
By Chuck Fogarty --

End Grain Targets
By Steve Marion -- Another great target idea sent in by one of our readers!

Review of the Accuflight Easy Stik Pro
By Thomas Holtmann -- "The first time I saw the Easy Stick Pro was in an advertisement in Black Belt magazine. The shape of the knife instantly reminded me about the ancient Chinese throwing darts..." - Thomas Holtmann

Your Silent Partner
By John Bailey -- Here's a bit of a knife throwing History lesson. This article is about John Ek knives. Mr Ek was known mostly for his Commando knives, but also made a few throwers one year.

Homemade Throwing Spikes
By Joe Aimetti -- You can buy big galvanized nails at the hardware store for less than a dollar. Joe tells us how he turns these into some great homemade throwing spikes!

Converting Steak Knives Into Throwing Knives
By Peter Krzonkalla -- Wanna learn how to make your own throwers from some steak knives? Well this will get you going!

Gardening Tools or Throwing Stars
By Roger Scarbrough -- This one describes how to turn a used gardening tool into something alot more useful! It also has some photos and info on Roger's custom made throwers.

Cleavers, Kukris & Similar Toys
By Ed Sackett -- If you are bored with the conventional throwing designs, then check out this great article that talks about some more exotic throwers!

The Atlatl
By Chuck Fogarty -- This article is about a primitive throwing weapon known as the atlatl. It was used for hunting "back then", but now it is thrown just for sport!

Putting Less Spin On Your Throwers
By Robe Mone -- This is a pretty difficult technique that takes lots of practice to perfect. But like everything else in life... Nothing Worthwhile is Easy!!!

My Half Spin Technique
By Roy Hutchison -- "I will now make my best effort to try and explain how the half spin is stretched out to 20 feet plus, and all distances in between." - R. Hutchison

My No-Spin Technique (aka 1/4 Spin)
By Roy Hutchison -- "...This time I was thinking about throwing, and for no reason that I can recall, I thought "if I can throw a 30 foot half-spin, then I should be able to do at least a 12 foot no-spin or something similar..."

Knife Throwing and Your Health
By Mike Bainton -- The following article comes from a guy who has been known to throw over a thousand knives a day when training for tournaments.

So You Want To Be A Mountain Man?
By Ed Imperatore -- This article is from my buddy 'Speshul Ed' and it covers some of the rules followed and games that take place in mountain man events.

How The San Diego Chuckers 'Throw Down'
By Carl Geddes -- This is from my buddy Carl Geddes out in San Diego. He talks about an upcoming rendezvous event and also includes some pics of his updated throwing range. Not only do they throw knives and hawks, they added other targets for blowgun darts, arrows and a 'moving target' to boot!

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